About Me

I have always enjoyed getting involved in technical challenges whether that is studying mathematics, helping build battery powered passenger vehicles, or my long history in the software development world. When I'm not involved in building software then I'm typically negotiating with clients, managing projects, or building teams and processes that deliver software.

I have the dubious distinction of going to 7 different schools in 3 different countries (Zim, ZA and USA) using 2 different languages by the time I hit grade 3. It was a great adventure, but quite rough on my ability to spell properly.

My first developer job was in 1998 at a small company in London serving banner ads to websites. This was in the dark days of the Interwebs before any big names ad marketing places (BTW I never want to see ColdFusion again). Since then I have built corporate gaming systems, electric cars, large optical telescopes, enterprise apps and much more.

Contact Details

Hendrik Schalekamp
Cape Town
Western Cape, South Africa

+27 83 647 7674